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DA Stirling, Inc.
Die Cutting
DA-Stirling: Home of steel rule dies and die cut items for rubber, plastic, fabric and more since 1973.

From designing and building dies, to helping you locate materials and finding machinery to die cut your own parts, we pride ourselves on helping customers find the right solutions for even the most intricate jobs.

DA-Stirling uses only the finest die materials to ensure both durability and cost effectiveness for all size orders. We've built our trustworthy reputation with customers nationwide based on our quality products, service and on time delivery.

Die Heights: 0.0918 inches to 4 inches. Punches: Eighth of an inch or more. Die Shapes: Round, Oval, Square, Butterly. New Customer Discount

Die Cutting Capabilities

With ten different die cutters in house, we are capable of cutting any size up to 66” wide. Materials we are presently cutting include:

• Abrasive Paper:
  – Including step tread and skateboard paper

• Cardboard

• Carpet

• Fabrics

• Foam

• Leather

• Plastic:
  – Up to 1/8" in thickness

• Rubber:
  – Extruded, molded and sheet

• Vinyl

Please check with us on any material not listed. Any size orders are welcome!

Call Dana or Don today for a free quotation, with most quotes being done the same day.

(330) 923 – 3195

Types of Businesses &
Products We Specialize:

• Abrasive Papers:
  – Including step treads, skateboards and sanding disks

• Automotive:
  – Car mats, gaskets, brake pedals,
          extruded window/hood seals and tire patches

• Heat Sealing Dies:
  – Headphones, cushions and medical pads

• Packaging Dies:
  – Including skin and blister dies

• Rubber:
  – Sheets, extrusion and molded

• Boat and Boat Trailer Mats

• Bowling and Medical Gloves

• Ceramic Blanket and Other Insulators

• Commercial and Domestic Floor Mats

• Various Vinyl and Fabrics for Craft Items

• Printed and/or Silk-Screened Items

• Casket Gaskets

• Extrusions

• Flower Pot Trays

• Foam

• Gun-Cleaning Patches

• Hunting Knife Sheaths

• Leather

• Picture Frame Matting

• Plastics

• Shower Mat Rings

• Skin Packagers

• Sport Bags, Wallets, Etc.

• Step Treads

• Vinyl Siding